About Us

To create the top use of offered capital and to please our clientele by provided that timely, cost effectual and qualitative products, which is our objective and  Shree Karani Marketing obligation.Tarpaulins Manufacturers
Shree Karani Marketing was setup in 1 Mar 2007 with a vision of becoming a leading Tarpaulin suppliers business in the state. In a span of roughly 3.5 years it has pioneer the field of manufacturing Tarpaulin products. It has venture into diversify avenues as well as HDPE laminated fabrics and HDPE wicker fabric with a single minded focus of provided that high quality Tarpaulins universal and to achieve customer approval proficiently during sustainable and high performance Tarpaulin products.
Shree Karani Marketing has enormous acquaintance, expertise and latest manufacturing technologies to develop Tarpaulins products like H.D.P.E. Laminated Fabrics, Waterproof Tarpaulin, Irrigation pipes, Tirpal and H.D.P.E. Woven Fabrics.

It is inspired for making Tarpaulins and constantly seeking innovation to harness the potential of the latest technology so that it can supply Tarpaulin products which meet and suit the customer’s requirement most effectively and precisely, because “nothing is more important than customer satisfaction and our commitment”.
Shree Karani Marketing has nearly 10 years of experience in providing Tarpaulins (Tirpals), H.D.P.E. Laminated Fabrics and H.D.P.E. Woven Fabrics to clients. Suiting the client’s requirements, we have been supplying our merchandise to leading traders and wholesalers in India.It has diverse domain expertise in product range. Shree Karani Marketing has extensive knowledge and insight of the Tarpaulin industry which has helped Shree Karani Marketing immensely to shape its future plan and harness a sizeable market share by shaping and designing Tarpaulin products which meet client expectations and requirements.

Tents                    :  Tents are available in various characteristics, features and sty its designs ranges from a single person accommodation desihuge cabin and rame tents which comes with partition and are ready to be furnished.
Tarpaulins            :  We manufacture different types of Cotton Canvas / Duck, Hdpe & PVC Tarpaulins to meet different purposes of different people.
Canvas Products : We are one of the largest and oldest cotton canvas product manufacturers from India. Cotton Canvas Fabric, Canvas Covers, Canvas Bags — you name it and the Canvas Product range has it.

Our aim of quality is to fulfill the customer requirements. Our reputation is determined by Cooperation, Dedication, Service and Attitude towards quality.
  •     State of the art manufacturing capabilities
  •     A well-equipped designing studio
  •     A dedicated team of professionals & experts
  •     Wide distribution networks
  •     Market Expertise
  •     In confirmation to Indian and International quality standards
  •     Voluminous area to stock products
  •     Cost Effective
  •     Timely Deliveries
  •     Well equipped laboratory will